4 Eco-Friendly Product Swaps You Can Make in Your Home

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Glass jars full of different kinds of pasta noodles.

Reusable Food Storage

The kitchen is one place that produces a lot of waste. Luckily, there are so many eco-friendly swaps you can make in the kitchen. Food storage is a big one. Plastic baggies, whether sandwich or gallon size, are generally used once and thrown away, which is a huge waste — same with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper. Instead, invest in reusable, washable baggies, beeswax wraps, and silicone mats! You will spend less money on wasteful products each year and help the planet at the same time!

Closet with washer and dryer in it.

Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are a great eco-friendly swap! There are many different types of dryer balls, including wool dryer balls and dryer balls that can replace the need for fabric softeners. If you love the way dryer sheets smell, wool dryer balls are a great option for you. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the balls to give your clothes a nice scent. Plus, you can use dryer balls for thousands of loads of laundry, that’s right — thousands. This again will save you money and help the planet.

Two bars of soap stacked on top of each other with lavender in the background.

Soap Bars

By swapping out your soaps for soap bars, you can reduce your plastic consumption drastically. The best part is there are soap bars for just about everything now, from dishwashing soap to shampoo and of course hand soap. If you swap out all of the soap you have in plastic bottles with bar soap, you could get rid of a lot of plastic waste in your home. While we know it is a drastic change to swap out your shampoo for a shampoo bar, swapping out your body wash for a bar of soap is an easy change that makes a big difference!

Garbage and recycling in a kitchen.

Evolution Bags

Swapping out traditional trash bags for Evolution bags is another great eco-friendly swap to make. Our Evolution Bags are made with post-consumer recycled resin, which reduces environmental impact drastically. By adding these trash bags to your home, you can reduce your environmental impact as well and help make your home more environmentally friendly.

Making the swap to eco-friendly home products doesn’t have to be challenging and we hope this gives you an easy place to start. Shop Evolution Bags and make an eco-friendly choice for your trash bags!

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