How To Be More Responsible With What You Throw Away

Believe it or not, the daily decisions we make in our lives end up affecting the environment. Did you know that the average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash every day? Without properly recycling our trash, it ends up in our waters and landfills, which greatly harms the environment. Evolution Bags offers recyclable trash bags made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content to reduce environmental waste and cultivate a healthy atmosphere for all. Let’s talk about how we can be responsible with our trash.

Reuse Your Water Bottle

Bottled water is considered to be the world's top-selling drink. Although companies have tried their best to convince us how safe and healthy their water is, bottled water has many drawbacks. One of these drawbacks include harming the environment through plastic waste. By reusing your water bottle, you can reduce waste and also the financial drawbacks of buying bottled water.

Refrain From Using Plastic Bags At The Grocery Store

Another way to limit how much you toss in the trash is to use reusable shopping bags. Whenever you’re going out for groceries, remember to bring a couple of reusable bags with you. There are many reusable bags around your check-out lines. If you see any, purchase a few!


Informed Purchases And Recycling

In limiting your purchase of products that come in too much packaging, you can save the environment. Read the labels on your product packaging to find out whether they can be recycled or not. The plastic that we use in our kitchen, even if we use it multiple times, ends up in the trash. Recall all the stuff you buy, such as containers, plastic wrap and everything that will eventually harm the environment. Contribute to the environment by avoiding or reusing sealable bags, and by making informed purchases in the form of recyclable goods. Our Evolution Bags recyclable trash bags are made of post-consumer recycled content and will help you in your efforts of recycling.


Compost Your Trash

Compost is organic material which can be added to the soil to help your plants grow. Instead of throwing egg shells, leaves, grass cuttings, and coffee grounds in the trash can, compost it! Composting takes time, but it will pay off in the long run. It enriches the soil, and the waste will be used for a good purpose, instead of harming the environment.



Being thoughtful in our waste management can go a long way in reducing environmental pollution. These tips will ensure that harmful waste doesn’t go into landfills or our water bodies, but is recycled or disposed of in a sustainable way. Join the fight to sustainability by purchasing our recyclable trash bags, made from post-consumer recycled content. Get in touch with Evolution Bags today!