Our Story

EvolutionBags was born from the need to find a better way to deal with plastic waste. We wanted eco-friendly trash bags that were made of recycled materials to help cut down on the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and the ocean. Our search led us to develop our own line of biodegradable resin bags which are now used in crop irrigation, recycling, and resin production.

Learn more about our closed-loop recycling mission and how EvolutionBags are created. Then, while you're here, order some of our eco-friendly trash bags!


What Is Closed-Loop Recycling?  

Closed-loop recycling is a circular economy model that keeps resources in use for as long as possible and reduces waste. It does this by taking products and materials back into the manufacturing process to create new products. This closed-loop system eliminates wastefulness and helps conserve natural resources.

Our bags are made using 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material. This means the material has been recycled from products that have already been used and discarded. 


Crop Irrigation & Recycling

We use polyethylene irrigation tubing from an agricultural partner. When they're done with their tubing after the growing season, we collect it to turn into recycled trash bags. From there, we can take the tubing to our recycling production partner to get recycled plastic that we can use to make our eco-friendly trash bags. 


Resin Production

Once the tubing has been processed by our recycling partner, that tubing is transformed into an SCS-Certified post-consumer resin known as PCR-Pro™. This resin is what we use in our eco-friendly trash bags.


Our EvolutionsBags 

Using the resin we get back from our recycling partner, our EPA-Compliant and ECOLOGO Certified recycled trash bags are produced. 


We hope you've learned more about our closed-loop recycling mission and how we're working to reduce plastic waste. Order your eco-friendly trash bags today and help our team at EvolutionBags make a difference!