Why You Should Stop Using Ordinary Plastic Bags & Start Using Evolution Consumer-Recycled Trash Bags

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It’s no secret that plastic bags are bad for a number of reasons. While many people have made the switch from plastic grocery bags to reusable bags, the trash bags we use can also become an issue. There are many alternatives to your plastic trash bags, including Evolution Bags. Our trash bags are made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, which has a lower environmental impact than standard trash bags. Here are four reasons to match the switch from traditional plastic trash bags to Evolution Bags PCR trash bags.

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They Create Microplastics

Ordinary plastic trash bags may not fully break down for thousands of years, but they do break up into smaller microscopic pieces, also known as microplastics. These microplastics get mixed in with soil and lake sediments, are picked up by streams, and eventually make their way into the ocean and contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other oceanic trash deposits. Microplastics are becoming a larger issue, affecting much more than just our lands.

 Sea turtle swimming with plastic bags floating around it.

They Are Harmful to Wildlife

Microplastics are harmful to wildlife, both on land and in the ocean. An article from Treehugger mentions that scientists have discovered that plastics break down and release chemicals that are harmful to marine life when ingested. Plastic bags in general are extremely harmful to wildlife, but even your trash bags could be causing more harm than you may know.

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They Are Harmful to Humans

Plastic bags are harmful to humans too! According to Greentumble, microplastics have found their way into things that many people consume regularly, including Coca-Cola, seafood, tap water, and more. Scientists do not know how our metabolism and immunity will respond to an increased amount of plastic particles in our system. They suspect that these microplastics will introduce more pathogens into the body and lead to a number of other health issues.


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They Are Made With Non-Renewable Resources

Saving energy is good for the environment, healthy, and global clime. Most plastic bags are made of polyethylene, which is a substance derived from crude oil refining and natural gas processing. These are non-renewable resources that emit greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.

There are many reasons why you should stop using plastic in general, for yourself, for wildlife, and for the planet. Our trash bags are made with post-consumer recycled contents and have a lower environmental impact. Shop now and start reducing your impact on the planet!

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